Jun 22, 2011

Introduction to .NET Mobile Application

Today, It is many tools available on the market for creating application for mobile phones and portable devices.
The Microsoft introduced mobile technology for creating asp.net mobile application. Window mobile is a compact operating system for mobile devices and including Pocket PCs, Smart phones and Portal Media Centers. We can able to develop mobile based application on the Visual Studio 2003, 2005, 2008 to integrated .NET Compact Framework. It is possible to develop impressive mobile window form based and web based application.
.Net Mobile is a set of server-side forms controls to build application for wireless mobile devices. These controls produce different output for different devices by generating WML, HTML or Compact HTML.

Mobile Web Form Controls
Adapts display based on the device capabilities
It is generates multiple markup languages
It is support common desktop controls

AdRotator, Clendar, Command, CompareValildator, DeviceSpecific, Form, Image, Label, Link, List, ObjectList, Selection List, Panel, rabgeValidator, RequiredFieldValidator, RegularExpressionValidator, StyleSheet, TextBox, TextView, Validation Summary and device specific controls like phoneCall

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