Feb 3, 2011

Asp.net Application Directory Structure

In Web Application should have a good planned solution explorer directory structure you design. Asp.net introduced special directory list below.

  • BIN
  • App_Code
  • App_GlobalResoures
  • App_LocalResources
  • App_WebReferences
  • App_Data
  • App_Browsers
  • App_Themes

BIN Directory
      It is contains all the precompiled .net assemblies like DLLs that the Asp.net web application uses.These assemblies can include precompiled class as well as other assemblies referenced by the class

App_Code Directory
      It is contains source code files that are dynamically compiled for use in your application. These code files are usually separate components or a data access library

      It is stores global resources that are accessible to every page

     It is serves the same purpose as app_globalresources, except these resources are accessible for their dedicated page only

     It is stores refereces to web services that the web application uses

     It is reserved for data storage and also mdb files and xml files

     It is contains browser definitions stored in xml files. These xml files define the capabilities of client side browsers for different rendering actions

     It is stores the themes use 

Asp.net Application Directory Structure
How to add application directory structure above list special directories 


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