Dec 4, 2010

Introducing ASP.NET

Create dynamic web pages by using server side scripting like ASP (Active Server Page).  It has introduced by Microsoft Corporation

ASP.NET is more than the next version of Active Server Page (ASP). ASP.NET is a standard html file that contains embedded server side scripts.
You able to access information from data sources, such as back-end database and text files that are stored on a web server or a computer that is accessible to web server.

You able to use a set of programming code called templates to create an html documents. It is an advantage of using template is that you can dynamically insert content retrieved from data sources, such as back-end database and text files, into an html document before the html documents is displayed to the users.

More than Ten years ago, Tim Berners-Lee performed the first transmission across HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). Since then, HTTP has become exponentially more popular, expanding beyond a small group of computer science visionaries to the personal and business sectors. 

HTML is a simple language that could describe how to display rich documents on virtually any computer platform.

XML created a set of rules for building platform-neutral data formats that different application could use to exchange information.

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